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Tiffany tgirl





Current location = London, UK
Currently unowned, available and transportable to YOU !


Do you consider yourself to be a BDSM/Kink Master who seeks a new human slave, to transform in an object of servitude and live their life serving your needs, fantasies and desires  ?

Well , let us define modern day slavery , in the context of fetish/BDSM first.

A slave is a human born person who is under the power and control of another. They enter a binding contract where they agree to be "owned" as "property". Once owned , they are de-humanised to exist simply as a slave , an "object" , to be used to enhanced their owners life and obey every command. They are no longer human , they are a base level object.

As a slave they obey the needs and desires of their owner. They can serve domestically , sexually and in any way that their Master decides.

The slave has no rights, makes no decisions and exists only to serve. It can make requests , but the owner has the right to ignore them or implement them.

They do not need to think for themselves , their entire existence is to serve, without choice.

Perhaps you are a Master who has owned slaves before ?

Let me explain something to you.

You NEVER were an owner , you never were a Master , you never did have a slave !

You see , you need to know that in 99.9% of cases, in the context of the BDSM/Kink community,  the slave was simply submitting to you , by their own choice. Yes , they might have served and obeyed you , but , at ANY moment in time , they could have simply withdrawn their submission and servitude and walked away.

So , YOU NEVER were really in charge , in control , the slave was ALWAYS the one with the highest power, because they were simply agreeing to serve you and they could have walked away whenever they desired.

How does/did that make you feel ? Not so powerful after all eh ?

The ONLY way that YOU can have TOTAL power , TOTAL ownership is if your slave really does not have any choice, cannot walk away and therefore must be kept in a way in which they HAVE NO CHOICE - they are not able to escape, they are in essence , your prisoner who HAS to obey you in order to survive life itself.

And you know that you have ALWAYS craved total power and control over a slave and have yet , maybe , never achived/experienced that.


So , how do you keep and imprison a slave in a way which they cannot escape , yet they have enough freedom of movement in order to serve your domestic and sexual needs ?


One way to achieve this is by the following:-

Find the centre point of the building/house in which the slave is being kept.

In the ceiling , wall or floor of the centre point area, cement in a metal fixing point, sometimes known as a staple plate, eye plate or ring on plate.

Now measure the distance to the important areas of the dwelling/house e.g living room , play room , bathroom, kitchen etc...

It is important that the chain does not reach far enough to open the front door or other exits in the dwelling/home.

Let us , for example , say this is 20 feet.

You now purchase a metal chain that is 20ft long. You padlock the chain to the anchor point in the building/dwelling.

You invest in a nice , heavy metal neck collar for your slave.

You padlock the other end of the chain to the slaves collar.


Now , the slave CANNOT ever be free , they are now chained to the building , unable ever to leave, ALWAYS to be Your slave .

You can also add ankle shackles for extra security

Now , a 30ft long chain may sometimes be cumbersome and not practical , so , the metal neck collar can have a seconday chain , perhaps 10ft long and you can move and padlock your slave to other tie down points in the building, for servitude in specific rooms. For extra security , the slave will be CAGED in a full length sleeping cage at night , or, at times that you need to leave the building , for work , shopping , other dates etc...


ONLY NOW DO YOU HAVE full power , control and ownership of your slave.

It cannot escape - YOU have total control.

Every order you command or decision that you make HAS to be carried out by the slave , as , they simply have no other option but to do so.

If they wish to carry on being fed and watered , carry on living, then , they have no choice but to comply.

ONLY UNDER THESE circumstances will You be a TRUE owner and your subject will be a true slave.

You wont even have to beat them to make them comply , just withdraw their food and water for a day and see how fast they get back in to line !

You will train them to serve you in any way that you wish, it will also be fun for you to see how far you can dehumanise the object.

Maybe you have other ways though to keep it prisoner/contained ?


If you do not live alone , or have the ability and finance to house and chain a slave , then there is no point in you reading on.

You will ALWAYS be just another so called Master who a slave is giving permission to , to use them. Any "slave" you have will always be the one who has the power by giving their "consent". This is just a fact.

ONLY if you can chain and imprison a slave , can you become the REAL Master , which you know is your destiny to achieve.

The slave does not need to be able to fulfil ALL of your needs , YOU are still free to pursue outside pleasures , "play" with others, live your life however you wish , but , your slave will have NO CHOICE, it cannot leave , it cannot refuse and will simply exist to await your instructions. Its' entire life will revolve around your needs.

You need not own her exclusively , perhaps you have a group of male friends , or men whom you can approach who have needs like yours and you can co-own this slave ? Housing/storing it in a shared dwelling and using it together , or alone , there ? This is just another option.

Perhaps you do not want the slave to cost you money in housing/heating/food and beverages ? Then , as an owner , you have the right to make the slave work from home in an internet based business , or even "sell" your slave , for a fee , by the hour , to other men , to generate an income for yourself ? This would be a very popular "niche" for customers, as men would revel in using an imprisoned slave , knowing that it had no choice to serve them sexually , as opposed to regular whores who "choose" what men they serve, what days of the week and in what ways (activities) they serve. Regular whores have the choice you see, they call the shots and are in charge. THIS slave would not. It would be YOU controlling the slave.

You want a slave who will love you , adore you and give themselves willingly to you. Really ? Has this worked for you before ? Is she still with you , or did she end it when she had had enough or found someone "better" ?

You can look for love and adoration elsewhere , you are always free to do so, but , owning THIS slave means you will have a constant submissive in your life, imprisoned to obey, whilst you get on with the rest of your life.

It will be transformed in to a domestic and sexual object, which you will own and it WILL obey - it will have no choice.

You have a LOT of options with a human slave , examples of which are ,
 but not limited to :

It takes care of all household duties , cooking , cleaning, laundry , ironing , yard work, painting  , decorating.

Use its' mouth to fuck , Use its ass to fuck , fist , stretch , gape, plug its ass hole, pump it overnight , wreck it to rosebud/prolapse. Impale it on a fuck machine , watch or walk away.

Body modify it - gigantic breasts, hips , lips.

Human toilet training - turn it in to a human toilet paper or to recycle your snot , spit , cum , piss and shit.

Use it as human furniture e.g foot stool , standard lamp etc..

Put it to work in your business or sell it to others, by the hour, to generate an income.

Record its suffering/usage and training on OnlyFans , sell the content , this will be PREMIUM price content , no REAL slaves exist on there, make a big income for yourself.

Loan it to your friends , take it to parties - make it serve others.

When you need a break from it and want it out of sight , gag it , blindfold it , hood it , tie it , chain it , mummify it , sleepsack it, box it or place it under the floor boards.

Just remember don't "break it" , you need to keep it fed , watered and healthy , to provide continued months/years of service.

Just EXAMPLES above , i am sure you have your own twisted/perverted ideas in mind.


If there did come a point where your circumstances meant that you had to get rid of the slave , then , you can simply sell her on to another man.


If you genuinely need to fulfil your own needs and OWN and train and use a real slave , and you live alone OR have a place to store it , use it , train it , then THIS trans slave is currently on the open market and can be transported for servitude to your location.

Once it signs your contract , this is the last decision it ever makes - you WILL own it.

Please note , you MUST live in an LGBT+ Friendly Society that gives them their human rights.

It is no good shipping it to Muslim Countries or countries with no protections in place , because , if you were found out , you and it would definitely go to prison , or worse.

If you are SERIOUS AND GENUINE and have the desire and ability and core NEED in yourself to make this happen , then ,

you can view this potential new property ,

 by visiting  ----- >

You can test it out for a weekend, a week, a month and see if it is right for you.